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11. Academy of Lymphatic Studies (ACOLS) Kompleks Boşaltıcı Fizyoterapi Sertifikasyon (Lenfödem) Programı Sınıf Temelli Eğitim 15-23 Haziran 2019 tarihlerinde İstanbul'da, Green Park Bostancı Otelde düzenlenecektir. Bu program için Uzaktan Eğitim Programına online erişim 15 Nisan 2019'dan itibaren sağlanacaktır.

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Nilüfer Kablan
Sağlık Bilimleri Üniversitesi
ACOLS KBF Sertifikasyon Programı Koordinatörü

Awareness on lymphatic diseases has recently started being raised in our country.

Especially along with the physical therapists giving some thoughts on this issue, treatment applications aimed at lymphatic diseases began to enter the field of interest of the physicians in the course of time, and both conservative and surgical treatment methods aimed at this field started coming up. Along with the effective use of the mass communication means and social networking sites, the patients suffering from this disease starting to communicate with one another and entering into quest for the right treatment, awareness for the lymphatic diseases has been raised to even higher levels. As a result of all these, the necessity has arisen to train the certified lymphedema physical therapist who will do the treatment in the most accurate way.

Training aimed at lymphedema therapy is not given in universities in any country of the world. Subsequent to the university education, the certification courses are given to the related people. The number of schools providing education in the world on this subject is quite few.

ACOLS is one of the most prominent schools organizing certification trainings aimed at Lymphedema treatment, and has an internationally valid certificate. However, ACOLS’s main distinguishing feature is its way of presenting the educational system.

In order that people can fulfill the current living conditions within the developing and intensifying system, the necessity has arisen to make the right time management. For this reason, giving the trainings over the internet became a current issue, and the popularity of online training system has started to spread rapidly in the world as a growing training system with each passing day.

Joachim Zuther and his team blended this truth with the feedbacks they received during these trainings (the difficulty of getting time off from work, losses in the private sector, etc.), and they developed HOME STUDY program which aims to shorten the duration of the class-based training. Thanks to the HOME STUDY program, the shortened the duration of the class-based training by giving a large part of the theoretical knowledge to groups who already have basic training in the medical field by means of online access over the internet. As a result, a system has emerged in which more practical studies have been made in class-based training. Both the participants’ taking part in the class-based training by taking the theoretical knowledge in advance, and also presenting the information (manual lymph drainage and bandaging technique application, etc.) directed towards practical applications in order to be able to integrate the participant completely into listening and learning during the lesson before the course in writing have increased the intelligibility of the practical applications made and the subject as a whole.

ACOLS certification courses will be given in Turkey remaining exactly connected to the original program and HOME STUDY program will be presented to the participants in the Turkish language. 

For this reason, we say that; we promise you a quality training as well as making you regain your time.